This page covers some of the comic art illustrations I've provided for several companies such as IDW Publications, Fun Fublications, Titan Publications, Dreamwave Productions.

TF Legends Artist Signature Series Event featuring Prowl
pencil art provided for TF Legends Jetfire art
Here's another Artist special Signature Series event card art unsigned
Here's a Fangry drawing that was used to promote a TF legends Halloween event from 2013
Winchargers pencil art was used as a card and also the card art for a recent TF Legends class Wincharger toy
This Powerglide art was also used in the TF Legends series and reused as card art for the Legends toy.
Here's another piece that doubled as a TF legends piece, and card cart for the Combiner Wars Legends Rodimus figure.
Groove was another piece which ran as a card, and was reused for the packaging art for the Combiner Wars figure.
​Here's a gallery of some of the artwork work that was run in the popular Transformers Legends smartphone game that ran from 2012-2015. I drew several hundred of the card arts for the games weekly events along with otherTF artists. Here's a few of my favorites.