This gallery covers some of the commissioned art that I've done for various Transformers and superhero
characters. On all of these I provided the line art, but often use other colorists on colors. 

I do take on fan commissions often between assignments for official work. My rates are below. If interested, please contact me at artguy101@gmail.com for ordering.

Commission Pricing

Black and white sketch drawing on 9" by 12" Bristol paper:

$50 for bust drawing. $70 for inks.
$80 for full figure (most superhero's, some robots. $100 for inks.

 Black and white sketch  on11" by 17" Bristol paper:
$100 for full figure.  $150 for inks

(additional characters $50 each)

Color - color markers, ink.

Busts-$60 single character, additional characters $30 each on 9 by 12 paper.

Full figures-$140, single character. 

Finished pencils/inks Cover quality commissions . Computer color included

Full figures
$250 per character.

$300 and up for most team shots . Includes superhero teams, larger scale battle scenes, etc. Please just include a detailed desription of the characters in your proposed shot, and I'll give you a better ballpark quote.

colors by Josh Perez
colors by Josh Perez
Commissioned by Hasbro as a test piece.
colors by Evan Guantt.
colors by Evan Guantt
colors by Espen Grundetjern
colors by Josh Perez
my favorite 80's cartoon good guys. Colors by Evan Guantt.
Antman pinup based off the Marvel movie. Colors by Evan Guantt.
Combiner and MP fight scene commission. colors by Josh Perez.
big TF combiner fight scene commission. colors by Josh Perez.